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Century-Old Beer Laws

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Pour one out for Atlanta's Second Self Beer Company, a beloved local brewery that's closing its doors after nine years. This isn't just a story of a business shuttering, it's a tale of dreams deferred and the struggle against century-old beer laws that many argue are stifling Georgia's craft beer industry. Founders Jason Santamaria and Chris Doyle poured their hearts into Second Self, dedicating their post-college lives to the dream of running their own brewery. Their journey, from roommates with a shared passion to successful business owners, is a testament to their dedication and love for craft beer.

But the road to success was far from smooth. Georgia's Prohibition-era laws, which heavily regulate the state's alcohol industry, proved to be a significant hurdle. These laws forced craft brewers like Second Self to sell their products to wholesalers, who then sell to retailers. This system, coupled with the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, created a challenging business environment that ultimately led to Second Self's closure. This story serves as a stark reminder of the need for legislative reform to support the growth and survival of Georgia's craft breweries. So, next time you enjoy a local brew, remember the hard work, passion, and challenges that go into every sip.

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