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Embrace The Spirit of the Texas Distilled Spirits Association

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Meet the Texas Distilled Spirits Association, or TDSA, the heart and soul of Texas's vibrant hand-crafted spirits community! Comprising passionate distillers, spirited companies, and enthusiasts, this collective community formed in 2012 is all about fostering growth in the local distilled spirits scene.

From its humble beginnings in 1995 with only eight licenses to a bustling community of over 160 distillers today, TDSA serves as a unified voice, making the Lone Star State shine brighter in the world of spirits.

With a mission to pour Texas spirit into every glass, TDSA's efforts extend from government halls to your local bar. They champion Texas craft distilleries through governmental advocacy, ensuring their voices echo in the state's laws and regulations.

But they're not just about the rules; they're also about raising glasses! Through engaging public outreach, inventive marketing strategies, and fostering partnerships, TDSA increases the clink of Texas-crafted bottles on tables everywhere. So next time you raise a glass, make sure to toast to the craft and community that's making Texas taste extraordinary!


With each sip facilitated and every brand story told, we meticulously design moments that resonate, ensuring your brand isn't just tasted, but remembered.

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