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O-N-D Goldmine: Unveiled by Union's Beverage Trends Insights

With the holiday buzz around the corner, the beverage industry is keenly eyeing the "O-N-D" period - encompassing October, November, and December. Based in Austin, Texas, Union, a data-driven hospitality engagement platform, recently unveiled beverage insights into consumption trends during these crucial months. Drawing from a wide data pool across numerous venues in the U.S., Union discovered that a staggering 30% of annual sales are made in the last quarter. Layne Cox, Union's Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized the potential of this season, notably pointing out the untapped sales goldmine that is the Saturday before Halloween.

Thanksgiving Eve, affectionately dubbed "Drinksgiving" among younger patrons, surprisingly stands out as a peak sales day, especially in high-volume venues. The reason? A mix of holiday relaxation and a growing tradition of pre-Thanksgiving bar outings. Meanwhile, wine, often seen as a staple for festive toasts, witnesses a significant upswing during the O-N-D period. The average cost of a wine order notably climbs, reaching highs of $20 on Christmas Eve and just a dollar less on New Year’s Eve. Overall, wine sales expand by about 9% during these months, showcasing its favored status among holiday beverages.

On the spirits front, 2022 spotlighted Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Casamigos, and Jameson as the go-to brands at Union venues. However, it was Casamigos that stole the show with an impressive growth rate of 40% in Q4, signaling its rising popularity among consumers.

In wrapping up, the O-N-D period is undeniably a treasure trove of opportunities for the beverage and hospitality sectors. As businesses gear up for the festive rush, Union's data-driven insights offer a roadmap to tailor offerings, meet consumer preferences, and ensure a prosperous end to the year.


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