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Seasonal Spirits: Unveiling the Fall 2023 Alcohol Retail Trends

As the winter winds unfurl, Fall 2023 alcohol retail trends reflect the season's dynamic nature. Whiskey reigns supreme in both bars and retail stores, with tequila gaining momentum in retail. Craft beer is a hit on-premise, but domestic beers lead in retail. Vodka remains popular across the board. Surprisingly, Rosé sees a dip in retail, contrary to its usual trend.

Data shows varied performance for different alcohol types. On-premise venues experienced declines in cocktails/spirits, wine, and beer sales. Off-premise, spirits and wine sales dipped, while beer showed stability or growth.

Factors like weather, holidays, and economic conditions have shaped bar and restaurant traffic. On-premise, 73.3% reported weather hurt demand, and 53.3% said the economy did the same. Off-premise, 67.8% felt the weather's negative impact, and 53.5% were affected by economic challenges.

This vibrant season in the alcohol retail industry showcases a tapestry of consumer preferences and resilience amidst challenges, driven by evolving tastes and external influences.


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