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Spirits & Sales: Adapting to Modern Retail Trends

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

So, what's the secret sauce? DRINKS utilizes a medley of AI, computer vision, and natural language processing to capture the nuances of consumer preferences. Their AI suite, which includes DRINKS Recommend, DRINKS Predict, and DRINKS Discover, offers personalized recommendations, predicts product reception across demographics, and identifies emerging market trends. This allows brands to study and adapt to modern retail trends in spirit sales.

As Brandenberg aptly puts it, "In the age of AI, the question isn't just about which wine to buy. It's about how technology can help consumers navigate the delightful world of wine, making every sip, every choice, a memorable one."

As 2023 unfurls its patterns, the US retail landscape we once knew seems to be shifting beneath our feet. There's a deceleration in retail sales growth, thanks in part to dwindling household savings from the 2020-2021 era and the historic high inflation rates of 2022. Despite the ebb in growth rates, e-commerce has carved out a sizable chunk, now representing over 15% of total sales. Meanwhile, the charm of brick-and-mortar shopping still lingers, having witnessed a brief revival in 2021 as pandemic restrictions eased.

Against this backdrop, spirit, beer, and wine brands face both a challenge and an opportunity. One of the most potent strategies for these brands lies in consumer tastings. Hosting in-store tasting events brings the consumer up close and personal with the product, allowing a firsthand experience that online shopping can't replicate. At the same time, don't forget the digital domain. Why not consider virtual tasting sessions, where enthusiasts can gather online, sipping from home-delivered kits? This omni-channel approach ensures that brands cater to both the tactile and the tech-savvy.

The present retail scenario underscores the importance of adaptability. For alcohol brands, the equation is simple: meld traditional appeal with innovative tactics. Whether it's aligning with local events, offering value-centric promotions, or championing eco-friendly initiatives, there's ample scope to entice the modern consumer. By tapping into these strategies, spirit, beer, and wine brands can ensure they don't just navigate these changing tides but also thrive within them.



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