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Uncle Nearest's Cognac Acquisition

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

In a remarkable stride, the burgeoning whiskey brand Uncle Nearest has announced its acquisition of the historic Domaine Saint Martin in Cognac, France. This isn't merely a purchase; it's a merger of two storied legacies. Stretching back 350 years, Domaine Saint Martin's history boasts connections to influential figures like the Lord Mayor of Cognac, Philippe Fé de Ségeville, and the esteemed Martell family. Spanning 100 acres beside the scenic Charente River, this estate includes a cooperage, ancient cellars, a distillery, and 50 acres of the prized Grande Champagne vineyards, setting it apart in the world of Cognac.

Fawn Weaver, Uncle Nearest's founder, radiates enthusiasm about this cognac acquisition. She says, “The Uncle Nearest brand thrives on its profound story of love, honor, respect, and heritage. Our mission in Cognac mirrors this ethos.” Adding intrigue, Weaver reveals plans for a cinematic portrayal of Cognac’s history, set to debut at film festivals and narrated by actor Jeffrey Wright.

Leading this exciting venture is industry veteran, Adrian Parker, backed by a stellar team of spirits professionals. Parker commends Weaver's visionary leadership, noting, “The Uncle Nearest team has penned a playbook for independent spirits that's unparalleled.”

In blending whiskey's warmth with Cognac’s rich legacy, Uncle Nearest is crafting a narrative that transcends spirits and delves into history and innovation. This acquisition signifies more than a business move; it's a captivating tale of two worlds uniting.


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