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Unlock The Magic of Booking Tastings

We get it. You've poured your heart and soul into your brand and every tasting event feels like sending your baby out into the world. So, how do you make sure it's not just another tasting, but an experience?

It's all about the people you have by your side: the brand ambassadors.

Starting our tasting company felt like a rollercoaster. Finding brand ambassadors who genuinely vibed with our company culture, rather than just clocking in for a paycheck, was a real head-scratcher.

I still cringe thinking about my early days 15 years ago working with other agencies, watching brand ambassadors who seemed more interested in their reflection than the brand they were representing, and still collecting a paycheck. It’s like setting up a blind date and hoping for the best, right?

Here's the deal, when you are booking your tasting events, here are some insights we have learned along the way:

Finding the Right Fit: Let's be real, not everyone's going to get the soul of your brand. It's like finding the right band members for a rock band. You need brand ambassadors who vibe with your brand's essence, not just there to grab a quick buck. They should be the kind who can chat up a storm about your brand, share your stories, and engage with people to build lasting memories.

Let Them Shine: Every brand ambassador is like a unique cocktail ingredient. Some might be the zesty lime perfect for tasting events at certain retail stores., while others are the sophisticated olive for upscale tasting events. Get to know their strengths and let them mix where they make the best blend to ignite your brand.

Knowledge Upfront: Before your brand ambassadors pour that first drink, make sure they know the tales behind your brand and products. It's not just about the notes and flavors, but the tales, the history, and the little anecdotes that make your brand unique.

Keep Score: Once things are rolling, keep tabs. Which brand ambassadors are making waves? Which retail locations are seeing more sales? Use this info to refine your approach and invest where it counts. Which will allow you to better streamline your bookings.

Tastings are more than just sips; they're stories, experiences, and memories. And with the right brand ambassador team and strategy, every tasting can be a page out of your legacy.

If the world of booking tasting events is out of reach, or you just fancy a chat about our shared passion, give us a shout. Let's make every pour, every sip, and every story count.

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With each sip facilitated and every brand story told, we meticulously design moments that resonate, ensuring your brand isn't just tasted, but remembered.

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