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Spirits Revolution: The Ascendancy of Black-Owned Brands

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

In the heart of America's brewing landscape, a wave of change is brewing, led by the National Black Brewers Association. This pivotal organization is championing inclusivity, ensuring Black voices and brands shine in an industry that historically has been less representative. With the rich tapestry of African-American history intertwined with the spirit industry, it's a renaissance that feels both timely and essential. With these black-owned spirit brands (and many others to come), there is a sure to be a new era to this industry.

One brand, in particular, stands out as a beacon of this transformative journey - Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. More than just a label, it encapsulates the legacy of Nathan Green, an unsung hero born into slavery who rose to be the first African American master distiller in the U.S. Known to mentor none other than Jack Daniel, Green's influence has been profound, yet for too long remained a shadowed story. Fawn Weaver, an entrepreneur with a passion for history, set out in 2017 to not only bring this brand to the limelight but to also ensure Green's legacy became universally acknowledged. Her launch of Uncle Nearest was a pioneering moment, marking her as the first Black woman at the helm of a major spirits brand, all while leading an all-female executive team.

But Weaver didn't stop there. Recognizing the broader challenges faced by Black entrepreneurs in the alcohol industry, she introduced initiatives like the Black Business Booster program and Uncle Nearest Ventures. These programs were designed to catalyze the growth of minority entrepreneurs, echoing a sentiment of collaboration over competition. As industry experts like Karl Franz Williams, founder of Uncle Waithley’s Vincy Brew, have noted, there’s power in unity, particularly in an industry where BIPOC-owned brands often have to work even harder to gain recognition.

The journey towards greater equity in the alcohol industry is still unfolding. Yet, with the fortitude of brands like Uncle Nearest, the guidance of organizations like the National Black Brewers Association, and the unwavering commitment of passionate individuals, the future seems both bright and promising. It's more than just a story of drinks; it's a tale of resilience, heritage, and a vision for a more inclusive future. So, the next time you raise a glass, remember the rich history and the trailblazers ensuring that the industry's future is as diverse as the flavors it offers.


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